Level 5 Individual Awards

Our CIPD pass rate is 96%*

CIPD Level 5 Awards are perfect for professionals wishing to further develop their Human Resources or other specialist knowledge. They offer students broader perspectives of the organisational issues facing HR professionals, enabling them to develop effective analytical and problem solving skills. 

Whilst individual awards are a great way of developing a specific area, only the full CIPD Level 5 Certificate in HR Management and the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR Management courses will give you a comprehensive and accredited CIPD qualification.

Difference between Level 5 Certificate and Level 5 Diploma

The Level 5 Certificate offers you a firm introduction and understanding of HR and L&D in a wider business context.The Level 5 Diploma, on the other hand, further deepens your knowledge and skills of HR and L&D through studying more professional areas. It is, therefore, the most comprehensive qualification at this level.

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*Pass rate based on 18,872 assignments submitted and 18,125 passed between 1/9/17 and 31/8/18.