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How to Choose the Best Accountancy Qualification for You

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Hard and soft skills are essential elements that job interviewers look for in your professional skillset. But what are they and what’s the difference between the two?

The Future of HR

What will the world of HR look like in a few decades? Will AI have transformed our roles, or will robots have made us all redundant? We explore the future here.

Everything You Need to Know About BCS Qualifications

BCS qualifications are a vital tool in your IT career development pocket. Here's everything you need to know about BCS qualifications.

The Ultimate List of UK HR and L&D Events in 2022 | Human Resources

Ace your career development goals by attending these UK-based HR and L&D events happening across the country in 2022.

5 Surprising Effects of Inflation on HR

HR departments across the country are starting to see the impact of eye-watering inflation. Here are 5 of the most surprising effects inflation is having on HR.

How to Find a Mentor in HR

We all need a bit of career direction sometimes. Use these simple techniques to help you find the perfect mentor to advance your HR career.

6 Proven Strategies for Building Your HR Network Naturally

Nurture your professional contacts and create lasting relationships to improve your career with these 6 evidence-based networking techniques.

How the UK Gov's 'Living With Covid' Plan Will Affect HR

What does the UK Gov's new 'Living With Covid' plan mean for our workplaces - and how will it affect HR professionals? We offer some thoughts here.