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ICS Real Stories: Matthew | Online AAT Level 2, 3 & 4 Review

Matthew Rutt had no accountancy knowledge when he enrolled on our online combined Level 2 & 3 course. Now he's back studying AAT Level 4 and ready to start a career in finance. 


I started studying AAT Foundation Level 2 with ICS Learn nearly 2 and a half years ago by all accounts a virtual novice in accountancy.

I now feel confident that I can enter a career having just embarked on the AAT Professional Diploma Level 4.

I wanted to study something that is worthwhile, useful and satisfying. Plus, with a background of enjoying maths – yes, really! - at school, and always having had an interested in financial news and the workings of accounts, this felt like the way to go.

I first encountered ICS Learn when researching courses whilst I was travelling in Australia, and what stood out were the flexible payment options and the initial email contact who was very informative and answered any queries I had.

Once I returned to the UK and rung the company I was struck by the friendliness and guidance about choosing the right course and the future opportunities in the field available, so I enrolled in the combined Level 2/3 course and soon got started.

The tutors have been a massive help with any difficulties and their quick response time means that any struggles in understanding don't last long.

When it comes to exams the tutors are there to dispel any last-minute nerves or brain freezes.

Another big positive has been the tests at the end of each chapter on the student portal. These have been really useful for gauging where I am on a topic, and the progress checks and mock assessments also give you a feel for what questions frequently come up in exams as well as crucially the style and wording of the questions.

Because of all this, it was a no brainer to continue my studies with ICS Learn for Level 4.

Studying with ICS Learn has been ideal with the ability to study at your own pace and leisure with a personal tutor on hand to assist with any issues, so it's something I'd definitely recommend.



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